Christopher Glanville RWA




Christopher Glanville was born in London in 1948 & grew up in an atmosphere dedicated to painting. His father, Roy Glanville RBA, RSMA (1914-65) was a distinguished marine artist & De Lazlo Medal winner. Roy Glanville’s paintings of the Thames at Cheyne Walk & Chiswick were so evocative as to bring about a lasting attraction to the atmospheres around moorings & the activities on the river.

Christopher Glanville went on to study at the Byam Shaw School of Painting & Drawing, & at the Royal Academy Schools in Piccadilly. Elected to the Royal West of England Academy in 1980, while Vice President of the Academy he co-curated the first London Exhibition of the RWA. His work has been widely exhibited in London, at RA Summer Exhibitions, at the Mall Galleries (NEAC), WH Patterson, and Frost & Reed. In addition his works are regularly on display at the RWA Galleries in Bristol, Jerram Gallery, Sherborne; Mandell’s Gallery in Norwich & Roland Goslett Gallery, Richmond. Publications include Buckman’s Dictionary of British Artists, RA Exhibitors & Who’s Who in Art. Online his work can be viewed on the sites of the Bridgeman Art Library & the BBC/ArtUK website developed in conjunction with the Public Catalogue Foundation project.

The work illustrated in this ‘sketchbook’ is a selection from drawings & paintings of subjects near to his home & studio of the last three decades of favourite places in Richmond Park & the stretch of river bounded by the bridges at Hampton Court & Richmond

» Richmond & The Thames – A Painter’s View (pdf format)


I established my gallery in Kew Road, Richmond in 1980, my period of interest then firmly being British art from 1850 to 1950. When possible I would show local subjects in various mediums, being well aware of their popularity amongst my clients. But I showed barely any works by living artists, despite knowing of the continuing appeal of Richmond, and particularly the Thames, as a painting ground for contemporary painters. Recently I have revised this policy, in substantial part through encountering the work of Christopher Glanville, whose paintings of Richmond I am very happy to have had the opportunity to show and sell over the last 18 months.

I initially met Christopher when researching an oil from the 1950s by his father, the marine artist Roy Glanville, and Christopher’s helpful response to my enquiry was to send me a catalogue he had compiled illustrating both his late father’s work and his own, which revealed to me what an accomplished painter Christopher is. That initial contact led to Christopher’s consignment to the gallery of a group of his father’s marine paintings, and we collaborated on a successful retrospective exhibition in late 2015. I asked Christopher whether he would also consign a number of his own paintings of the locality to the gallery, and he agreed. In consequence his oils of Richmond’s riverside in different seasons, his impressionistic depictions of Pembroke Lodge in Richmond Park, and of The Terrace on Richmond Hill, have been able to be much admired by gallery visitors, with several finding appreciative homes with my clients.

Roland Goslett